Bridge and Truck 1930

According to the information we received with this wonderful photo, it was taken in 1930 by a C. Ekmark, Ex Sgt. U.S. Army during a 1,191 mile hike by the 61st C.A. (AA) from Fort Monroe, Virginia to Sheridan, Illinois.  Major Cunningham was Commanding Officer.

Note that work was still being done on the retaining wall to the right.  The two soldiers in the truck are wearing “Doughboy” style uniforms with Smokey The Bear hats.

Under a 4X loop, the Bridge Plate on the top of the bridge says: “1884 King Iron Bridge C. Cleveland, O.”  There is also a smaller “Tombstone” style bridge plate on the right side vertical beam which says: “1884 King Bridge, Cleveland, O.

King Bridge Manufacturing Company, News