Preservation Efforts


There are a number of places around the country where an effort is being made to save old King bridges. In this section of our Museum, we will be commenting on these efforts periodically in order to help those involved examine and hopefully benefit from what others are (or are not) doing. The Allan King Sloan Family Fund has been helping provide some funding for these efforts and is available for assistance for worthy causes of this kind. If you know of any restoration or preservation projects of this kind, please tell us about them by contacting

Click on the Buttons above for status of some of these preservation projects.  Below are some additional pictures.

The 1882 Black Warrior River Bridge in Northport, Alabama (Photo courtesy of Porfirio Solorzano of The Tuscaloosa News)



The 1887 Black Creek bridge from the Town of Byron, New York has been gifted over to the Woodstock (New York) Land Conservancy and is now the trailhead at “Snake Acres”.

 The Old Iron Bridge near Rapid City, Michigan. (Photo courtesy of the Clearwater Conservancy.)

The Hojack bridge in Rochester, New York.


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