Southern OH and KY

This was another very active market for the King Bridge Company. A number of major bridges in the Greater Cincinnati area were included in company catalogues and documented by HAER. Most of these have been removed over the last two decades, however, there are  three we know that are still standing.


1. The Smith Road Bowstring at the Ohio Historical Center- 1870- Columbus

  This little bowstring was relocated in 1989 from Crawford County to serve as an exhibit outside the    Ohio Historical Center’s museum


   2.  The Singing Bridge (Penna. Thru truss)# – 1893- Frankfort

Thanks to Stephen Smith, Assistant, Bridge Engineer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for sending us these wonderful pictures of the “Singing Bridge” in Frankfort.  It is a 406ft. Pennsylvania Steel Through Truss Bridge.  It is known as the Singing Bridge because it has a steel grate deck and the tires of traffic sing as they drive over the deck.  There is a bridge plate located on the end post. This King Bridge is a historic landmark in downtown Frankfort.


3.  The Old Richardsville Road Bowstring -1889- Bowling Green

Back in February of 2006, Doug Schmucker, a structural engineer teaching at Western Kentucky University sent us some outstanding pictures of a beautifully preserved 1889 three span King bowstring across the Barren River . Apparently a private citizen, David Garvin, has played a major role in maintaining the bridge which is still open to light traffic. Its bridge plate is still in place and the bridge provides as an excellent teaching tool for aspiring civil and structural engineers.


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