Apparently, the King Bridge Company was not interested in confining its marketing efforts just to the United States. We have found that it was commissioned to build bridges in Nova Scotia and possibly in Mexico, where a King bridge still stands in one of its southernmost states, possibly moved from another location.



The 1883 Church Street Bridge in 1980

In 1980, my family and I took a delightful vacation tour of Nova Scotia which included a two day stay at a bed and breakfast farmstead near Baddeck. On our way to the farm we crossed an old truss bridge on the Baddeck River which still had a builder’s plate on the cross beam. I mentioned to my wife that this looks like the kind of bridge that my great grandfather’s company used to make.

We stopped to look at the plate and lo and behold, the plate read” Built by the King Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio, 1883’. We were amazed and delighted. This was the first evidence we had of the life work of Zenas King and his sons. Earlier this year, Blair Morrow, an enthusiast of old bridges living in Baddeck, sent us information on a number of bridges the King Bridge Company built in the area, some of which are still in use. Blair sent us pictures of two of the Kings, one of which, the Church Bridge, appears to be the bridge we crossed in 1980.

The other, the elegant Red bridge looks to be in fine shape and still has the decorative spires on its end posts. These spires appear to be the same design as appears on page 34 of the King Bridge Standards Catalogue called “standard hip ornaments”.

The Church Bridge 2005

The 1883 Red Bridge – Baddeck

The King Bridge in Mill Village Nova Scotia

The King Bridge in Mill Village Nova Scotia is an 1883 Pratt truss built by the King Bridge Company across the Medway River in Mill Village near Liverpool. It is 144 feet long and still maintained by the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation as a full service vehicular crossing. Jill Cruikshank, Special Projects Coordinator for Economic Development and Tourism of Queens County, Nova Scotia sent us pictures.  (see NEW 10/13/03 for additional pictures)



The Rio de la Sierra Truss Bridge -1898 –near Guelatao

An 1898 Through Truss bridge with a King Bridge Company plate in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico near the town of Guelatao. It crosses the Rio de la Sierra and was discovered by Victoria McMackin and her sister on a trip to the mountains in southern Mexico. Apparently the locals say “a big machine” brought in the bridge. We are awaiting more pictures and will try to get more information on how a King bridge ended up in southern Mexico. Any theories? (see 2004 Update and NEW 11/28/04)






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