Preservation Contact List

Iron Bridge Preservation Contact List

For general information on bridge preservation history, programs, and experts in the field:

  • Eric DeLony – Engineering & Industrial Heritage (Particularly Bridges)
    A one-man consulting business to help people save historic bridges and other engineering and industrial artifacts.
    Formerly @ Historical American Engineering Record (HAER) National Park Service.
    21 Cagua Road, Santa Fe, NM 87508


  • David Simmons – Ohio Historical Society
    1982 Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211-2497
    Tel: 614-297-2360


Engineers and Managers who have done or are doing work on bridge preservation:

  • Frank J. Hatfield, Professor emeritus – Michigan State University
    Calhoun County Historic Bridge Project
  • William E. Nyman, (Civil Engineer with preservation experience
  • Hardesty and Hanover Engineers – New York City
  • William P. Chamberlin, Engineering Consultant (formerly with New York State DOT)
    1046 Shave Court – Schenectady, N.Y. 12303
    Tel: 518-355-2408
  • Jim Stewart, Engineer (and expert on old iron bridges)
    1260 Johnson Rd. – Churchville, N.Y. 14428
  • David Tschantz, Project Manager
    Zoarsville Station (Ohio) Bridge Project
    3873 Cleveland Rd.- Wooster, Ohio 44961
    Tel: 339-345-8100 x22    Email:
  • Perry Green, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Florida
    345 Weil Hall – PO Box 116580
    Gainesville, Florida 32611-6580
    Tel: 352-392-0760
  • Chris Higgins – Dept. of Civil Engineering
    Clarkson University – Potsdam, N.Y.
    Tel: 315-268-6501


Public officials involved in current bridge preservation efforts:

  • Richard Stein, Chief Bridge Engineer
    Division of Engineering and Construction
    City of Cleveland, Ohio
    Tel: 216-432-6032
  • Larry Lovetinsky, Superintendent
    Johnson County (Iowa) Conservation Board
    Tel: 319-828-4828   Email:
  • Shirish C. Patel
    Supervising Engineer, Highway & Bridges
    Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
    640 South Broad Street
    Trenton, N.J. 08650-0068
    Tel: 609-989-6646   Fax: 609-989-8295


Other Experts:

  • Dr. James L. Cooper, of DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana
    A historic bridge consultant and author of many books on the subject.
  • Pat Sparks, PE, who has been involved in a number of bridge restoration projects in Texas.
  • Prof. Frank E. Griggs of Rexford,New York
    The restorer of the Moseley bowstring bridge at Merrimack College in Massachusetts and others.