New York City & Long Island

The King Bridge Company contributed a number of bridges to the inventory of the City in the period of its expansion before 1900. A number of these were moveable bridges across the streams and canals in Queens and Brooklyn as well as across the Harlem River and Ship Canal. The company catalogues of the times featured these prominently, including the swing bridge on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn and the swing bridge across the Harlem River built for the New Haven Railroad and pictured below. (See the Moveable Bridges section under HISTORY for more detail) Just before the death of Zenas in 1892, the company made a major effort to become an important player in New York City bridge-building with a proposal to obtain the franchise to build and operate what are now both the Queensboro and Triboro bridges connecting Manhattan with Long Islans. (see “The Last Great Plan” in HISTORY and NEW 10/6/05).

What remains of these efforts are the two bridges noted below:

The University Heights Swing Bridge# -1897-1903 – Manhattan-Bronx-

This is probably the second oldest of the existing bridges in New York City after the Brooklyn Bridge and one with a most interesting history.

(See the details in the MOVEABLE BRIDGES section of HISTORY along with 2005 UPDATE #2 and NEW 10/29/05 )

The Manhasset Viaduct of the LIRR – 1897- Nassau County

This viaduct is still in use on the Port Washington Branch of the Long Island Railroad

(See the ADDENDUM to the RAILROAD SPECIAL in the HISTORY section as well as the 2005 UPDATE #2 and NEW 10/29/05)


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